Give a personal donation
Our organization is founded on individuals with a passion and drive for the street children in Gweru. As an individual you can either join our sponsorship program me and donate a monthly amount of your own preference which will go towards covering the children’s school fees, medical needs and other critical expenses. You can also give a once-off donation that will go to the building of the new orphanage, or towards something more specific if that is in your interest. All donations can be given easily and safely through our PayPal account you can see at the right corner of this page (select currency and press «Donate»).

Start your own project
Throughout the year we support a wide range of people in putting up their own fundraising events and projects for the new orphanage. This can be schools, sports teams, friend groups and businesses. We help you set your own project into life! All MCHP sponsors get their name on the sponsor board at the orphanage, as well as our newsletter that comes out every three months with updates from the project and the situation at the orphanage.

Contact us on for more information.