Midlands Children Hope Project is a non-profit charity organization that is working to create a better and sustainable future for youth in Gweru, Zimbabwe. We have our own sponsors who is covering our administrative expenses, so that your donation will go directly to the project! These are the projects we are now working on: 

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We believe that education is the most important thing we can give the heroes of tomorrow! The number of kids we're paying school fees for is increasing for each school trimester!



This program gives the street girls an opportunity to stand on their own to create a better future for themselves and their babies!



Join the internship that doesn't care about your new profile picture on instagram, but about the knowledge and experience you can share and gain through spending time on a different continent!

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We support the orphanage with a monthly fee of USD$100 to cover the most critical medical needs. In addition we have an emergency fund of USD$400 available at all times. 



72% of Zimbabwes population lives in extreme poverty. Our HOPE-families will get the opportunity for a better future despite this!

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We want to build a HOPE-center in the heart of Mkoba where all our projects are to be coordinated from.




The overall goal is to make the orphanage self sustainable and able to stand on their own feet. 




Through games, fun and exciting classes we invite the vulnerable kids in the local community important and basic knowledge.


This program aims to assist the families with bigger business plans with our professional network.