In 2018 we would also like to build up a new HOPE-center in Mkoba, and the thought is that all our projects will run from here to keep it separate from the orphanage. We have already started to look into the possibilities of buying a new land - this time more in the center of Mkoba, so it is easily accessable from every part of Mkoba. The projects will be tailored to help the local community. 

At the center we will build up a big classroom with a divider so it can be used as two. We will also build up a few offices, where our HOPE-business will get the help and assistance they need. Then we will also create a dining place with outside chairs, as well as an reception/registration desk. Our center will be purely run on solar energy. 

In a country with more than 90% unemployment rate, it is not given that people will get a job, even with education. This is the reason why it is also important to learn lifeskills, to be able to make a living for themselves.