The HOPE-families is a newly released project that aims to help the vurnurable families to create a better future for themselves. More than 72% of Zimbabwes population is living in extreme poverty. The idea of this program came after visiting one family living in the outskirts of Gweru. We first got to know them when Lene and one of our MCHP-sponsors, Therese, visited in 2015. The view that met them was this mud hut - where 9 people lived. They had no food, only broken clothes, and the kids had big open wounds on their body because of bad hygiene. Thanks to a donation from Therese, Anita could go back a week after and give them clothes, food and clean the wounds. We also bought tools and seeds for a vegetable garden. 

The HOPE-families gets a start loan of 100 USD to start their own businesses. In 2017 we started out with 10 HOPE-families. We covered their schildrens school fees, and gave the families a start up kit consisting of food, soap and other essentials, as well as the startloan to start their own income generating projects. In September 2019 we have 30 HOPE-families in the project.

So far the program has been 100 % successfull, and all the families have improved their living conditions, all by themselves - just by being given a chance to start up.

Do you want to support a family? Contact us at and we'll help you get started!

Together we can create a better world - not only one child at a time, but also a family at a time!