Midlands Children Hope Centre and Midlands Children Hope Project’s aim is to create a sustainable centre to support the street children in Gweru, Zimbabwe. Underlying the work at the Mkoba Hope Centre are the following core values:

– Sustainability. All our work starts from the premise that the orphanage one day is going to become self-sustainable and independent from international supporters.

– The individual child. We see the children at the orphanage as our own children, and we know them all personally. The children are therefore our starting point and focus when we make decisions for our future work.

– Communication. The organization’s work hinges on individuals with a passion and enthusiasm for the street children. Good communication between the people on the ground, the organization and our sponsors is therefore at the core of our work.

– The bigger picture. Through our work we want to give you the bigger picture of what is happening at the orphanage and in Zimbabwe, separated from the media images of Zimbabwe often portrayed in the rest of the world. We want to share a true and unpolished picture of what is happening on the ground, by giving you both the good and the bad stories.

– Flexibility. The organization do not work after a standardized template for charity work, as we believe that every project is different. We make our decisions based on the needs on the ground by looking into each situation and by being involved every step of the process.