The HOPE-internship was released in 2017 to share knowledge and experience through cultural meeting between the kids at the orphanage, the local community and the people in MCHP-network. Our aim is that our projects are having the highest standard and the newest information within all feelds. We wish for the kids to grow up in a sustainable and environmental friendly project, with good role models in their lives. MCHP is working to improve these values, and offer a new and different internship by sending highly qualified people to the project. These people are to share their knowledge and experience to the best for the project, as well as getting unique experiences in return. We wish for the internship to be as valuable for the ones travelling, as for the ones receiving the help on ground. The basic ideas of the HOPE-internship is as following:

  • The internship is a unique offer in an ocean of opportunities. Sharing of knowledge and finding a common ground for learning and developing for both parts is in center - not to get a new profile picture at Facebook. 
  • Interns will only be sent to the project if MCHP and MCHC find important tasks that can fit their knowledge and experience. This is to secure both the interns and the children to get most out of their stay. 
  • Interns will be closely picked based on their motivation, experience and what they can offer the project.
  • The cost of this internship is much lower than other internship programs because we believe that knowledge is far more valuable than money! 

Do you have knowledge or experience that can be valuable for any of our projects, and interested in experiencing the life on a different continent? Contact us at

Read more about our internship here.